How do you move Confidently through Life?

Start with Loving Yourself!

Love your Awesomeness, while loving your Imperfections!

Do you struggle with Confidence?


You bombard yourself with negative self-talk

That voice in your head, the destructive inner dialogue which shatters your self-esteem and confidence. It affects everything from relationships to performance at work and school.


You do not feel worthy

Self-esteem is at a all time low. You don’t feel you deserve to be happy. You hide behind drugs, alcohol, shyness, anger, work, food, sex. You are afraid to be you because you believe nobody will like you.


You are afraid to try anything new

Because you are afraid of failure. “What will they say” that’s more important than living authentically. You adapt your personality to be what you think others want you to be, and you are left feeling sad and exhausted.


You are afraid to let your Light Shine

You sense your worthiness and you discount it, ignore it and try to run away from it. Maybe you suffered from depression because of the disconnect you feel between who you think you are and who you sense you could be.

How I can help you be more Confident?

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Helping Clients with all parts of their life, with a specialty in working with Energy. You will learn strategies to help you learn to love yourself and experience more joy in everyday, as you confidently begin to live the life of your dreams. 

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Self-Love Coaching

You will learn to deeply love and accept yourself, by learning to forgive yourself and others. You find your voice and your courage so you can make changes so you lead a more fulfilled and happier life.  

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Spiritual Coaching

You will learn to deepen your connection to your inner being. You will deepen your understanding of being Spirit, having a human experience. You will learn to process your spiritual experiences. 

I’m Tsahai De Silva and I am an Activation™ Method  Energy Coach.


My clients learn to heal, restore, and empower their energy. You have a divine gift and resource within your being. Through energy coaching with me you will learn to:


Ground your energy in your body and in connection with earth element.

Practice somatic meditation techniques that include breathing, energy exercises, and movement.

Allow your Higher Self to be fully experienced.

Expand your awareness, focus, and attention skills.

Know your own healthy power and wisdom.

Align your intentions with your actions to live in purpose.

Learn to self regulate your nervous system and reduce stress.

Feel your emotions with acceptance and kindness.

Release yourself from unhealthy communication and relationship patterns.

Heal blocks and let go of stuck energy.

Connect with your inner resources of nature, archetypes, grace, light, guides, angels, and ancestors.

Experience guided meditation journeys that help you receive your own intuitive wisdom.

Communicate and transform beliefs, issues, and energy with healing metaphors.

Bring your own healing energy to your body, mind and spirit through all parts of your life and time.

Expand connection, love, and relaxation with family members and friends.

Create healthy boundaries for clarity and purpose.