Most Self-help is a waste of time


Belief clearing

Mirror work

Law of Attraction

They never work, if you are lucky enough to get success, it never lasts. As a young coach, I grew up on a diet of this stuff. I tried all of it and then some but I made such slow and very limited progress. I blamed myself, my limiting beliefs, and my inability to focus on what I wanted. 

In addition, I had this crazy idea that life could be magical, I just had to figure out how. I was born under lucky number 7. I remember years ago I told a work colleague – Dion my date and time of birth and he looked at me and said “If only you knew how lucky you are”. I thought he was simply talking out of his arse – he must not know my story. But that statement haunted me for years. But what I found is: the luckier I feel the luckier I get. I’m in the year of 7 (2023 and I’m 52) and it’s been magical thus far.

Early this year my friend Tracey introduced me to Create Your Destiny, a course by Wiliam Whitelcloud. Tracey and I connected on Facebook because we both work with Energy, I am an Energy Coach and Tracey is an Energy Healer and we check in every few months and share what we are up to and Tracey started talking about clearing beliefs is a waste of time and we are doing it wrong and I listened because I’m polite but after the call, I said to myself – “WTF is she talking about it makes no sense to me”.

Then she invited me to join the waiting list for the CYD course, and I said yes, she encouraged me to get William’s Book Secrets of Natural Success (this book is part of the curriculum and I have read it 3 times since I bought it) and just like that I found the magic I had been seeking. Everything Tracey said made sense, I understood why I was not living the life of my dreams yet and I was now equipped with the tools I needed to make my dreams my reality. I picked up a new skill – intuitive reading for myself and others.

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The CYD course was 7 weeks of live calls with William, 20 + hours of training, and live practice with my fellow students. I was lucky this course only cost me $9.70 but it is worth thousands more. I lost no time in applying the techniques to my life and I have had great results thus far (no spoilers yet I’m planning an end-of-year reveal 😉)

A new course begins in June, you may join the waitlist here. Here is a summary of what you will learn:

  1. Your fundamental beliefs are part of your orientation and cannot be changed – that’s why belief clearing is a waste of time and not necessary
  2. You create what you focus on and most times your focus is not where you think it is – this is why affirmations and mirror work do not work
  3. To tune it your “greatness” your purpose in life – it’s in all of us
  4. To create using your intuition, your “superconscious”- it’s so easy to learn
  5. To use internal conflict to push you towards your goals -conflict is soo good for you
  6. To uncover what you REALLY want to create, not what you think is possible – read that again
  7. To use your will to create the life of your dreams – what would you love? 
  8. How to structure the creative process and work with tension to resolution – tension is a psychic accelerant.

Here is William explaining why clearing beliefs do not work.

I intend to offer intuitive work as part of my coaching practice, I have been practicing with great results: Testimonial from Roberto:

“For as long as I’ve known myself, I’ve struggled with self-confidence, rarely being able to see myself in a positive light. I would often avoid opportunities simply owing to my lack of belief. When I met with Tsahai to begin working on my issues, I had just recently graduated from university and was about to start applying for any job I could get (a symptom of my lack of confidence). I eventually landed a job at a law firm (my passion lies in the investment banking sector) which ended up being one of the most unappealing experiences thus far in my professional career. Upon experiencing something so unpleasant, I finally decided to do something about it, starting with my confidence. I turned to Tsahai for guidance. We started by working on eye contact, which had a significant effect on my communication skills. From there, she invited me to do a reading and spoke to me about my ambitions for investment banking, my deep interest in fashion, and taking chances, among other things.

The reading was engaging, and quite involved. She informed me of mental blocks that I was not even aware of, such as my relationship with water, my fear of rejection, and my fear of losing my significant other. We spoke about methods that I could employ to start growing as a person and as a professional, and the need to start taking chances. From there, I decided to start applying for jobs in the investment banking space (my long-time dream) while continuing my weekly reading with Tsahai, while also starting to look everyone in the eye while talking. My confidence began to grow slowly and on the week of my final reading, the two opportunities that I applied for got back to me with interview opportunities, and even more surprisingly, with job offers. I also got accepted to return to pursue my Master of Science degree in Financial Management. All in all, however, ever since connecting with Tsahai and implementing many of the strategies she taught me (which I am still working on to this day as it’s a lifelong journey), I have seen a significant boost in my confidence, professional opportunities, my professional network, and the health of my relationships. Her methods continue to assist me in my ability to confidently communicate with any individual that I happen to come across and to start believing in myself, which had the greatest impact in terms of my getting my dream job. I am extremely excited to continue working in the investment banking sector and to continue working with Tsahai to develop further.

I would recommend her services to anyone who is struggling with their confidence, who may need to know what steps are needed to build up the belief in themselves, to work on communication, and even to reconnect with their spiritual being, a much deeper connection that many of us may not be aware of. Tsahai has an innate ability to effectively and efficiently coach anyone through any issues that they may currently have. I have learned so much more about myself and I am a much better person for it, thanks to Tsahai and her incredible offerings”.

How do you get better at anything? – Practice! If you read this and you would like to practice with me, book your time here. This is fun, free 30 minutes with me, you may learn something about yourself or you may not. It’s a win-win for both of us – I get to practice and you get some insight you can apply to your life like Roberto. If you’re game I would love to connect with you, LET’S DO IT!

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