Self Love The Key To Happiness

What you believe about yourself you experience.

Your self image influences every aspect of life; your beliefs, your emotions, even your abilities.

When I changed my beliefs about myself, my happiness levels increased.

Skills such as Self-Forgiveness, Self-Compassion and Becoming My Own Best Friend have completely transformed my life.

Fake it ’til you make it.

I used my imagination to change the mental picture of myself. At first it felt fake but I understood that my subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between an imagined or real experience. So I kept at it until I genuinely felt good about me.

The image in my head became my reality.

A belief is simply a thought we keep thinking. If you want to change your beliefs, you have to change your thoughts, and that’s what I did.

I stopped comparing myself to others.

I finally understood that no two people ever have the same experiences, and opportunities (even in the same family), so comparison to anyone else was a complete waste of time.

I had to go inward to find me.

Meditation, journaling and reflection became daily habits.

Be Happy Now.

Happiness cannot be attached to anything external. I decided to be happy with the state of all of it: my life, my weight, my relationships, my career, while holding a vision for what I wanted to create.

Hold The Vision Trust The Process 

Became my mantra. Slowly, sometimes before I even realized, I started experiencing and living aspects of my vision.

Life still happens but I respond rather than react.

I am not phased by the ups and downs of life because my Vision and my Belief in myself remain steady.

Are you thinking “I wonder if this could be me?”

 “It will be really nice to love that face staring at me in the mirror”

This transformation is not unique to me! This could be YOU! 

Are you ready to experience this kind of transformation for yourself?

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Take the first step, you know you want to!

Love and Light


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