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About me

I went from Zero to Hero! You can too!

Tsahai De Silva is a Confidence Coach who helps women make the transition from zero to your own hero.

 Tsahai spent much of her life believing something was wrong with her, always trying to fit while looking externally for a “cure”.

It was only when she began the journey inward did life begin to turn around. Facing those feelings of “not enoughness” while shining the light of awareness was the “magic” that transformed her life. She discovered her courage and as her courage grew her confidence grew.


Tsahai believes we are Spirit having a Human Experience and that healing must take place at the energetic level for long lasting change. That’s why she became a  Certified Activation Method™ Energy Coach, training with Magali Peysha of the Coaching Institute. She also trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Life Coaching and Reiki. 


Tsahai has discovered Unshakeable Confidence that comes from a place of Deep Acceptance of the truth of who you really are. Tsahai will help you discover your true loving nature. When your reference point shifts from your humanness to your Spirit, confidence is a natural outcome. 

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