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More About Activation™ Method Energy Coaching

What can you expect to improve in your life as you work with your Certified Energy Coach?

How can Energy Coaching help you?

My clients learn to heal, restore, and empower their energy. You have a divine gift and resource within your being. Through energy coaching with me you will learn to:

  • Ground your energy in your body and in connection with earth element.
  • Practice somatic meditation techniques that include breathing, energy exercises, and movement.
  • Allow your Higher Self to be fully experienced.
  • Expand your awareness, focus, and attention skills.
  • Know your own healthy power and wisdom.
  • Align your intentions with your actions to live in purpose.
  • Learn to self regulate your nervous system and reduce stress.
  • Feel your emotions with acceptance and kindness


  • Release yourself from unhealthy communication and relationship patterns.
  • Heal blocks and let go of stuck energy.
  • Connect with your inner resources of nature, archetypes, grace, light, guides, angels, and ancestors.
  • Experience guided meditation journeys that help you receive your own intuitive wisdom.
  • Communicate and transform beliefs, issues, and energy with healing metaphors.
  • Bring your own healing energy to your body, mind and spirit through all parts of your life and time.
  • Expand connection, love, and relaxation with family members and friends.
  • Create healthy boundaries for clarity and purpose.
  1. You have an interest in spirituality and know there is more to life than the normal stuff.
  2. You want to learn meditation, energy exercises, and ways to find inner balance.
  3. You are  an empath and highly sensitive person who needs support with clearing, grounding, and restoring energy.
  4. You have big emotions and want to know how to spiritually process them and grow.
  5. You want to realize their true self and life purpose.
  6. You want to have awakenings or process a spiritual opening.
  7. You need to overcome an emotional block or a repetitive negative pattern.
  8. You struggle with not feeling powerful and has fears around being seen or heard.
  9. You wish to deepen your intuition and boundaries.
  10. You desire healing and is spiritually oriented. You need a coach who speaks your language.

How is Coaching different than therapy?

Psychotherapy and counseling generally work within a medical framework: identifying and diagnosing dysfunctions and prescribing treatment. Coaching starts with you, now, and how to take practical steps to make progress towards the goals, relationships, and experience you want. Activation Method begins with the belief that the solutions that the client wants are available to them right now, and greater well-being and happiness comes from the ability to take smart and creative actions in life. Coaching is not meant to replace psychotherapy – it is a distinct practical approach to supporting clients in the decisions and actions that will support their goals, relationships and fulfillment in life.


Tsahai is a wonderful and insightful energy coach. She is both empathetic and tough when it matters, balancing challenge with direction. She brings clarity and calm creating space that allows you to tap into your own energy resources. She has a great ability to coach you through whatever presents using impactful tools, direct honesty, encouragement and support.” Tayo United Kingdom

“Working with Tsahai was exactly what  I needed to transform my life! I discovered my voice in my marriage. My relationship with my husband has moved to new depths of loving kindness. I faced my demons and I am no longer plagued by crippling anxiety. I have learnt so many great tools that I use in my life every day. I changed my life!” Dara U.S.A.

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