10 Reasons Why People Fail At Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the fastest-growing and profitable businesses today. It is an excellent way for anyone to start a small business with little investment, no overhead, and high profit margins. Anyone can get up and running with an online
business in hours. Sounds like an easy way to make money, doesn’t it? Compared to other offline small business ventures, it is.

Yet internet marketing failures still vastly outnumber those who have succeeded in internet marketing. For every story you hear of someone making $10,000 a month at internet marketing there are hundreds of untold stories of those who failed to make a profit or only made a few dollars and then quit. Why do so many fail when the potential to succeed is high?

1. Failure to plan – No matter what type of business you are running you need a business plan with well-defined goals. What are your short-term and long-term goals? What steps do you need to take to meet those goals? Write out your plan and review it frequently. You are running a small business. Treat it as one.

2. Failure to work the plan – So you already have a business plan? Are the following it? A plan means nothing if you don’t follow it. Work the plan every single day. Revise it if necessary but don’t detract from it.

3. Making goals too big early on – Many internet marketing failures try to do too much too fast. You are not going to create the ultimate web site for dog lovers overnight. Start small with dog training tips and add content daily. Those 1,000+ page web sites took months or years to build, so will yours.

4. Lack of knowledge – Would you be a successful plumber without knowing anything about plumbing? No. Then to be a successful internet marketer you need to learn internet marketing. Find a successful mentor willing to help you and you will be way ahead of the crowd.

5. Not investing in your business – You won’t get any support or very much web traffic on with a free web host. Many times, the best ebooks, scripts, and tools are the ones that cost money. You can run an online business for next to nothing but
you’ll achieve faster and more profitable results by investing in the right tools.

6. “If I build it, they will come” – You can have the most comprehensive and informative website on natural healing in the world but if you don’t promote your site and work to drive traffic to it no one will know about it. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. You should be using several of them.

7. Lack of patience – You will not be making $10,000 a month when you start. Internet marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and testing to build your web traffic and increase your conversion rate. In the beginning you might actually lose money and this is when too many people give up without giving their business time to grow.

8. Wrong niche – So you wrote that ebook on underwater basket weaving and you’re wondering why nobody is buying it? Find a niche but make sure it’s profitable first. Too many times people create the product first then try to figure out how to sell it. Find out what the people want then give or sell it to them.

9. No Uniqueness – There are a million low carb diet books out there, what makes yours so unique? Why should I buy your widget when Bob’s widgets are just as good and he’s been selling widgets a lot longer than you? Stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Know your competition and do what they do better or do something totally different.

10. Lack of commitment – To be successful, you must be committed to success. Behind every success story there are many hours of work and dedication. You’ll need drive and determination if you want to be the next internet success story everyone is talking about.

Print out these ten reasons for failure and post it next to your computer monitor or tape them to your bathroom mirror.

Everyday review your online business and make sure you are not making any of these mistakes. Do this and you are well on your way to being an internet marketing success.

Thanks for reading,

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Affilitate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing or as my coach says “Daylight Robbery” is one of the best ways to leverage all the hard work you have been putting into to nurturing your list to earn some cash.

If you are looking to make money online, you should certainly think about affiliate marketing. This is arguably the best and easiest way to be able to sell something online because it requires very little work on your part.

People will create the product and your job is to simply sell it. You will be the creators sales person and you will get a good percentage from the purchase. A lot of affiliate marketers will give about 50% and this is a great way to make extra money online.

The nice thing about these affiliate programs is that the products simply sell themselves. All you have to do is find the customers and try to get them to buy the product. In order to do this, you will need to find a way to present the product and to help convince them to buy it. Whether it is through a blog, video or an article, you will need to find a way to get some leads and to convert them into buyers.


The Process

* Sign up to become an affiliate , some places to find, good, sound products are:

* Look for products which have steady sales, pages convert well and commission payments are good – 50% and over.

* You will receive an affiliate link that’s unique to you and used to track your sales with the promoter.

* Drive traffic to the Sales Page. This can be done in quite a number of ways:

  • Email your list
  • Do a product review on your blog and include your affiliate link
  • Write some articles and include your link in the resource or signature area and posts these in article marketing directories and forums.
  • Post on your facebook, twitter and google accounts

* Once you become more established you can sweeten the deal for your subscribers by offering a bonus for purchasing your    recommended product.

* If you can purchase the product or request a review copy, as it will then allow you to speak honestly about the benefits.

* Never use the marketing material provided – simply use it for inspiration and write your own. Remember you are one of hundreds who maybe promoting the same thing and you want to stand out from the crowd so YOU make the sale.

This has been my strategy this week. My squeeze page offers a free report on List Building so I signed up for 2 or 3 of the best sellers on jvzoo.com and now I am driving traffic, so I will keep you posted with the results.

Thanks for reading!

Catch you later,


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Begin as you mean to go on



Its a week since my last post and I am right on schedule. The product is fleshing out nicely. I have had a few new ideas this week which have been added to the mix and it should give great value when it is completed!

Today I just want to visit my first coaching webinar where I was taught a really cool formula for getting my business on track and allowed me to break down my goals into workable daily tasks. As long as I stick with these daily tasks the goal is as good as done.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Decide where you want to  be in a year’s time (this can be personal or business goals).
  2. Break it down into 4, 90 day plans
  3. Take the 1st, 90 day plan and break it up into 3, 1 month plans
  4. Take the 1st month and break it up into 4 weekly plans, you know where I’m going next right 😀
  5. Take your 1st weekly plan and break it up into daily tasks
  6. Bam, follow your daily plans and you are rockin’ and rollin’

Simple isn’t it! Using this method you begin with very general and strategic plans and you fine tune them down to specific daily tasks. Plan each day the night before. Your goals should be focused, ambitious and achievable.

7 Best Tips To Get More Done

1. Organization

If you are trying to get more things done, then organization should be the main thing that you should focus on. When you are organized, things just seem to run smoother.  Stick to your daily tasks.

2. Time Management

When you manage your time correctly, you will surely get more things done.

This means that you should make use of every hour of the day and try your best to stay productive at all times. Aim to work steadily in 1 hour intervals with a 15 minute break between each hour

3. Focus

While you are working, you will need to remain focused at all times.

Remember that you do not want to waste any time and it is important to try your best to not distracted by little things like the internet and other minor distractions. Turn off Skype, Facebook and the television when you are working.

4. Nutrition

You will need to understand that nutrition is something very crucial towards your focus throughout the day. An unhealthy diet will lead to an up and down day that will lead to less focus.

In addition to food ensure you get you get your 8 glasses of water per day.

5. Sleep

Getting enough sleep is very important and 8 hours a day should be the minimum.

If you happen to feel tired during the day, then a 15 minute power nap will have you up and ready in no time.

6. Energy

You will be energetic after this short nap and you will be able to get this energy from caffeine. However, you do not want to take caffeine 5 hours before you sleep as it can stop you from getting a good night of sleep. Green tea is the healthier alternative to coffee.

Have an apple when you are tired its a natural healthy burst of energy.

7. Taking a Break

Sometimes working too hard can wear you down and so you will simply need to take a break to see more things get done in the future. Take a break and you will then be back to work with a new sense of motivation.

See you next week!






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The Journey So Far

Its been nearly two (2) weeks since my first blog post and so much has changed.

I’m only in week four (4) of my coaching program and I understand more about being successful in Internet Marketing than I did in the last nine (9) months flitting from one program to another. Its now up to me, to implement all I have learnt thus far!

One of the first things which I need to implement is blogging at least once every week. I have worked out my business and personal goals for the next twelve (12) months. My biggest goal right now is to launch my first product by August 1st 2013. I have an idea for a great list-building product and I have been working out the best way to monetize it.

Product creation has been one of my biggest fears about being successful on-line. Any coach worth his salt will tell you the best way to make serious cash on-line is with your own digital products. If you would like income coming in on auto-pilot – product creation is the only way to go.

So what makes a non-technical, newbie feel comfortable creating her own product? – an easy to understand step-by-step process on Product Creation. In just eight (8) steps Marc (Marc Milburn my coach) has  broken down  the whole product creation idea into easy to follow steps:

  1. Choose a sub-niche
  2. Determine the outcome
  3. Decide type of product
  4. Research the topic
  5. Build the content framework
  6. Fill out the framework
  7. Edit, format and proof-read
  8. Publish the product

Sounds easy doesn’t it. As I write this today I am on step 4 and I’m really enjoying the ride :D. I’m researching now and I have a pretty good idea of what the final product will look like and some of the up-sells and down-sells I will offer. There’s just so much to do, so much I am yet to learn, but I’m LOVING it!

I am finally beginning to be believe that I can do this…… I can be a successful six (6) or seven (7) figure Internet Marketer. As my coaching continues I will all everything I need to make this happen! Now its the time for action, I need to be implementing as I learn if I am to meet that goal of the product launch on or before August 1st.

So my goal for this week is to have the first draft completed of whatever I’m going to do – there are still some details to be mapped out which I expect to complete by Monday, when my research is completed.

Catch you next week!

Tsahai De Silva


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Internet Marketing Here I come

Well I’m here at last – where is that you may ask – Full time in Internet Marketing.

I lost my job yesterday. I worked as and H.R. Generalist for the most evil witch I have ever met- she belongs at the right side of Satan himself, where I assure she will give him a run for his money, but I digress. So as luck would have it we have parted ways and here I am.

This has actually been something I have been preparing for, so its not as terrifying as it should be. I have been dabbling at this whole making money online thing for about nine (9) months now. I tried DotcomsecretsX, Empower, Global One, 10kweb all with no success, then I met Marc Milburn and he changed my entire on-line life.

Marc is many things, a solo ad seller, a coach, a hypnotist and a red head. I tried to buy a solo ad from him sent him my $70 payment with my offer, and to my complete surprise he sent it right back, said he wouldn’t send my offer to his list, he had more respect for them than that. I was stunned this had never happened to me before and I was intrigued.

So I set about finding out exactly what Marc did and what he would send to his list. I kept changing my offers until I eventually found something he would send to his list – hooray I was in! The response was great and it was done in record time. I was impressed.

Then I noticed in skpye chat room he offered a free webinar where he would show you how you could make $100,000.00, of course I said yes I’ll have some of that and I signed up. In that webinar Marc outlined an easy to follow process to create and market your own digital information product, where you could earn $ 100 k in six (6) to twelve (12) months. I didn’t hesitate and signed up immediately.

My first product is in its final stages (I’m a bit slow I know), when you juggle taking care of a home, full-time job, toddler and husband, you don’t have a lot of time to be creative! So now I’m learning all about email marketing with another program  – Email Cash Siphon, which has shown me that I was wasting my time so I’ve abandoned my list and I’m making a fresh start.

The cream of it all though has been the beginning of a year long coaching program aptly named Online Wealth Blueprint which has just been phenomenal and is the reason why I sit here today excited rather than worried about my future! And I have come a long way – today I installed wordpress on my own (well with some help from you tube) and I’m not technical at all and it took about four (4) attempts before I got it the way I wanted it – but I did it!

So please join me on my journey, lets do this together!

Thanks for reading 😀

Tsahai De Silva

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