Learn to Love Yourself in 7 Steps

Learning to love yourself is a process. It’s a mix of taking action and taking control of your mind and your thoughts by learning to self-regulate.

Listed below are 7 big ideas which have the biggest impact on my clients.

  • Take Responsibility

We are all healing from something. Understanding that no matter who did or didn’t do what to you or for you it’s up to you to get your shit together. A sure sign that you are ready to start transforming your life is when you leave Victimhood behind. Only when we attach meaning to circumstances or experiences in life do they take on meaning. “We do not become empowered in an area or an aspect of our life until we take full responsibility for it. It’s not events or other people that disturb us most in life. It’s just our thoughts that disturb us most in life and our patterns of unhelpful thinking” Albert Ellis. I allow you to set the pace of your own discovery. Your insights and breakthroughs come naturally.

  • Make a Commitment to yourself

Make a commitment to becoming the best version of you, period. Commit to exercise, commit to journaling, commit to meditation, commit to a healthy lifestyle. When you love yourself, you want to take care of your body and your health. Make a commitment and stick with it until it’s not something you do, it becomes WHO YOU ARE! I work with you to get clear on your commitment and hold your accountable when you need me to.

  • You are not your emotions or moods

Emotions and moods are temporary, they do not define you or what you are capable of. You can change our emotional experience by changing the patterns of our thinking. You can literally change the way you feel by changing your thoughts because what you focus on tends to dictate the way you feel moment by moment. I help you self-regulate by helping you understand the connection between the quality of your thinking and your emotional response in the moment.

  • Examine and adjust beliefs

Maturing, can mean growing up and out of the beliefs you developed as a child. Most of our beliefs are formed by the younger version of ourselves. Any sort of rejection at that age is interpreted as a sign that we aren’t good enough, and we tend to carry this limiting thinking into our adult lives. I help you identify and replace limiting beliefs with more empowering ones.

  • Thoughts are just thoughts

Negative automatic thoughts (NATs) are streams of thought that we can notice if we pay attention to them. They are negatively framed interpretations of what we think is happening to us. They usually have a negative impact on our mood and feelings. Thoughts lead to feelings, which leads to beliefs, which inspires action, which informs behaviour and ultimately gives us results. I help you adjust your thoughts and attitudes; an approach that you take towards life and towards relationships.

  • The Past does not Equal the Future

When you have the mindset that the past equals the future, you tend to benchmark what you believe yourself capable of in the future by what you achieved in the past. I help you uncover all the lessons you have learnt along the way so you no longer need to be stuck in a habitual pattern. You are given tools to help you perceive things in new ways and experiment with new ways of being.

  • Adopt a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is beneficial since it can assist you in overcoming obstacles that may arise when learning new things or gaining new skills.

People with a growth mindset are confident in their capacity to accomplish goals because they know that despite failures, they will eventually attain their objective.

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