Crush Imposter Syndrome Now

Imposter Syndrome…..the scourge of the high achiever ….can affect anybody at any stage of their career….

It can be debilitating ….

You undervalue your skills….

You are plagued by Self-doubt…..

You play in your comfort zone….

You set unrealistic goals….

You are paralyzed by fear….

You take no credit for any success you achieve….

What can you do?

I coached a client through this recently and this is what we did:

She  made a list of all her accomplishments, challenges she had overcome and listed the skills she developed along the way. 

She then added all the positive feedback she received from colleagues and friends which she did not accept, but deep down inside she knew was true.

We delved deep into her thoughts and separated the fact from the fiction.

We did a Higher Self Meditation where she was introduced to her higher self and got a glimpse of her worth, her gift.

She learned to question all her thoughts and accept only the ones which were true.

She learned to reject any thoughts of comparison to others.

We worked on some new goals and took some baby steps towards achievement.

We celebrated every step and she had to learn to say Thank you and nothing else.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

She took action!

We did a session where she learned to restore her lost power and energy.

She took action!

We celebrated her results.

She ran into a challenge and faced it head on.

We celebrated!

She did her power poses and took action.

We celebrated!

You do not have to live feeling Small, Afraid , Unsatisfied, in Envy of other people’s success.

Incremental changes can change the trajectory of your entire life.

All you have to do is say YES!

Yes to you!

Yes to your gift!

Yes to one small step every day!

Henry Ford says

“If you think you can do a thing or you can’t you’re right”

What are you going to be right about today?



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