Self Care

Crush Imposter Syndrome Now

Imposter Syndrome…..the scourge of the high achiever ….can affect anybody at any stage of their career…. It can be debilitating …. You undervalue your skills…. You are plagued by Self-doubt….. You play in your comfort zone…. You set unrealistic goals…. You are paralyzed by fear…. You take no credit for any success you achieve…. What can …

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Learn to Love Yourself in 7 Steps

Learning to love yourself is a process. It’s a mix of taking action and taking control of your mind and your thoughts by learning to self-regulate. Listed below are 7 big ideas which have the biggest impact on my clients. Take Responsibility We are all healing from something. Understanding that no matter who did or didn’t …

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Learn to Love Yourself in 12 weeks

Is that even conceivable? Genuine transformation is a process that takes deliberate effort and practice over time.  There are no shortcuts. How does Low Self-Esteem affect you? Low self-esteem can show up as a lack of confidence, lack of control, constant comparison to others, poor decision making, inability to take action, negative self-talk, feelings of …

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